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News & Updates

New Website, And A New Writing Adventure!

It’s time for another adventure, and along with it, comes this brand new site!

As some of you know, I’ve had a website on going all the way back to 2003. This site, much like fashion trends, has had many styles and looks over the years. Some were great, and others were, well – let’s just say that like the expression “YOLO” they weren’t destined to stay around for that long!

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News & Updates

Welcome :)

Hi there 🙂

Welcome to, my little (but ever expanding) hub on the web!

Whether you have found me from my music, acting, blogging/writing – or being Tim McMorris‘ wife 🙂 this site is where you will find everything from info on projects I’m working on, to new releases and my personal blog.

So take a look around, get a little glimpse into my life – and don’t forget to check out the links to my other blogs and projects on the web!

I’m happy your here, and hope you find inspiration along the way!