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Kwirky Cooking Blog: Beyond The Kitchen

Kwirky Cooking Blog: Beyond The Kitchen

I have always loved to create things – and one great outlet of that creativity (being completely aware of how stereotypical this sounds) has always been found in my kitchen.

When I was very young I used to be obsessed with making “potions” out of bath products and “cooking” mud pies! Thankfully, my cooking skills have graduated beyond mud pies and it has become a great passion and pass time in my life.

Mr.Noodle Anyone?

My food blog and recipe site Kwirky Cooking really began as a personal mission. Tim and I went through a stage (a rather long stage) of having hardly any money for groceries (or much else, really!). When I say hardly, I mean we had times of living off of Mr. Noodle for weeks on end. That or Kraft dinner because hey, Food Basics (Canada) had it on sale for 88 cents a box after all!

Regardless of how few ingredients and food items we had in our kitchen however, and regardless of the little money we had, I always did my very best to have something delicious ready for Tim after a hard days (or nights) work in the plastics factory. Something that would make him say “whoa, how did you do that with what we have?!”

So began my Kwirky Cooking adventure, and yes, I am aware that quirky is usually spelled with a Qu  not a Kw. 🙂

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